New update doors & rooms chapter 7 : gateway walkthrough
From the official Gameday.Global facebook page, here are the information for this stage :

Additional information related to this update :
Chapter 7 has some changes comparing to previous rule :
First, You can’t use hints in chapter7 any longer.
Second, you must complete basic free stages (till chapter 6) in order to play chapter 7.

We want you to enjoy the “Last mission” and find “Last Message” from us by yourself without any hints.

doors and rooms chapter 7 guide :
doors & rooms level 7-1 walkthrough
doors & rooms level 7-2 walkthrough
doors & rooms level 7-3 walkthrough

“First of all, we are pleased to inform you that registration of 5th Doors&Rooms update began starting from Apple App store. After the Test Review, D&R will be open in the market from next week.

Furthermore, we should also inform you sad news.
Doors & Rooms – Season 1 will be finished with this update.

Of course, we will continue updating to fix a bug, but we will not add new chapters any more.
It is difficult to develop New Chapters and New Game at the same time. Please understand our decision.

Finishing Season 1, we feel sorry to fall short of your expectations, and we appreciate your continuous love and support once again.

Finally, If you believe and love Gameday like you did so far, we promise you advanced games.

always Thank you and always love you.

Gameday Inc.”