Start with the 1st stage of last chapter 7: gateway, escape from the ship gate 1 by unlocking 3 different password

Doors and Rooms Level 7-1 Walkthrough
find a user card and get id numbers from it
obtain 4 shape and get another numbers from each shape
use the screen profile and card to get the last code for the door


doors & rooms stage 7-1 solution :
get a card on the capsule bed and a screwdriver + on the table
combine to unscrew the card and dismantle it to get a single card
observe to see a code for the user card 121013

the screen is “cannot connect”
so input user card number so the connection pass and you will see 4 shape on screen
find these shapes all over the room
observe them one by one and count how many side each side have ?
then order them and input the number on screen : 48612
get a gameday card and the screen will change into profile
code number : 3567864
phone : 455-982
date of birth : 83-0520
address : RaH3287
id number : KeNSG71

use the card on the table light to see some square codes
count the “numbers” on the screen for each block and combine them together
use the gameday card to the card panel so it will reveal keypad screen
enter : 59837 and the stage is clear