For the 7th stage of chapter 6: weird story the door is blocked by the gear and if you click on it there are 4 colors red – blue – yellow – green with M in the middle which means minute

Doors and Rooms Level 6-7 Walkthrough
find 4 clocks, 2 already available on room and the other 2 are hidden on dogs and coat

doors & rooms stage 6-7 solution :
get bacon from the table
get a hypnotic sleeping pill from a chest with 3 drawers
mix the sleeping pill with the bacon to make sleeping bacon
give the sleeping bacon to the puppy, and then the puppy will fall asleep (cute animation)
get the blue pocket watch hanging from the puppy’s neck

get a coat from a hanger
disassemble the coat and get a wristwatch

check times of the wristwatch, the pocket watch, the striking clock, and the frog electronic clock
the wristwatch is set at 10:30
pocket watch at 8:00
striking clock at 5:00
electronic clock at 1:30

each watch and clock has its own color :
wristwatch : red
pocket watch : blue
electric clock : green
striking clock : yellow

convert each time to minutes and enter the results to each corresponding clock’s disk
spin the disks and set them :
red : 630
blue : 480
yellow : 300
green : 90

you will have the answer like this :

the minute hand of the clock tower blocking the way to a door starts to move
escape through the door