On the 5th stage of chapter 6: weird story, your way out is blocked by the white ants on ladder and you’re missing some steps for the ladder.. so find some to replace !

Doors and Rooms Level 6-5 Walkthrough
Focus on the TV channel and antenna to use the phone, also find some hints with the color numbers

doors & rooms stage 6-5 solution :
get a saw under the left chest of drawers
get a note about TV reception on the table :
3:45 key tv
9:00 wood
11:15 bug

move the TV antenna according to the note
short antenna : hour hand
long antenna : minute hand

the TV antenna represents 9 to 3 o’clock of a clock :
left 9
center 12
right 3

set the TV antenna to 11:15
insecticide spray commercial, phone number : 570-990
set the TV antenna to 9:00
untritional, supplement commercial, phone number : 430-696
set the TV antenna to 3:45
key commercial, in the order of red, green, yellow, blue

dial the phone number 570990 and 430696 on a telephone and press the “call” button
get 2 boxes from the mailbox
open the boxes from the mailbox by dismantle
open the 2 boxes and get a spray and supplement

exterminate the white ants on the wooden ladder by using the insecticide spray
use the nutrition supplement on a root of tree to grow rootlets
cut the rootlets with the saw 3x
repair the wooden ladder with rootlets

follow the order of buttons colors on the telephone (R, G, Y, B) and enter the number “2864″ to reveal a door
open the door and escape