Continue from previous stage, now in 10th stage of chapter 6: weird story you must escape the spaceship.. but you can use the code 4371562 for fast exit :P find out the explanation below

Doors and Rooms Level 6-10 Walkthrough
find the missing red ruby from gun and hammer
use the machine to determine the number for each color
look at the color on the monitor to find out the other colors value

doors & rooms stage 6-10 solution :
click the right table and press the brightness down button of a monitor at the front of the spaceship
the capsule box’s password slowly appears on the monitor
enter the password 3852 into the capsule box

get acetate from the capsule box
get a jedi hammer from the floor
get a lightmusket from the armory
hit the lightmusket with the jedi hammer and get a broken lightmusket
disassemble the lightmusket and get a red ruby

connect the ruby to the RGB power supply to operate the RGB device
use acetate on the RGB device

turn on the RGB light and mix two colors to make 3 numbers appear on the acetate :
red + green = yellow (3)
red + blue = purple (5)
blue + green = light blue (6)

check the planet poster
you’ll see that the red planet, the green plant and the blue planet are connected
at the spaces between each connected planet, you can see the yellow, purple and light blue planets
their colors are the mixed colors of the planets on the side
put the numbers found by the acetate on each corresponding planet’s color

now you can draw some numbers :
red (1)
green (2)
blue (4)
yellow (3)
purple (5)
light blue (6)
mix all red, green and blue lights make a white light
the white planet at the center is “7″

enter the numbers into a password device in the order of the planet colors : 4371562
the door is opened, now you can escape