The chess cheat code to open the box to activate 4th stage of chapter 5: the kingdom are
Swords – 5 – 7 – Swords – 1 – Swords – 3 – 2
how to get this answer ? we have the complete explanation below

Doors and Rooms Level 5-4 Walkthrough
the order is to find 5 chess pieces hidden in this room
put it on the chess board then try to ‘move’ it to get the code
find a hint note how each piece move

doors & rooms stage 5-4 solution :
get the tea pot on left shelf, dismantle it to get a chess piece G2
tap the rug near chair and get the chess piece F4
tap the green plant on top of the drawer to get chess piece B2
tap the right fish on wall, use it on bear mouth then click the drawer below it to get chess piece D4

click the old clock to see hint with 5 strings
click the harp and tap these harp string 5 – 1 – 4 – 2 – 5 – 3
get the key and use it to the 2nd drawer of white cabinet
tap the chess piece A8 and a paper that you can observe for chessboard hint

tap the chess board and look at the sword symbol :
E7 – F7 – F5 – G5 – H7 – H6

now place all the chess pieces on the board :
King = B2
Night = F4
Rook = A8
Bishop = G2
Queen = D4

crush all the ‘sword’ and you’ll get the remaining coordinates :

click the box on the cabinet and enter the codes, get a sword and dismantle it
activate the puzzle on door using the sword
5×5 square, make all the squares into black