Welcome to 1st stage of chapter 5: the kingdom ! you’re on a basement of a kingdom, find an axe to break the door wood and activate the puzzle with a ring.

Doors and Rooms Level 5-1 Walkthrough
find out 2 weapons that you can use to get some items
on the door there’s a mini puzzle you need to solve too, but find out how to play the piano first and get an item for door
step by step answer are provided below

doors & rooms stage 5-1 solution :
Get a spigot handle on right table drawer, put it on the left barrel spigot
tap to pour some wine and get a ballerina toy
tap the barrel on bottom to get a clover key, use this key to the music box on the table
put the ballerina then tap the box to get a key, open the piano

look for 2 weapon near knight’s armor : sword and mace
use the sword to cut the carpet, tap the hint code to play piano
then use the sword on floor to get a long wood
use the mace to wood box near table, get the axe head
combine long wood and axe head, use the axe to cut the wood on door

observe the piano key and press these key :
get the ring from piano, use it on door to activate the puzzle

move the > to the right and < to the left
hint :
press > then <, next <
move the > 3x
move the < 3x
move the > 3x
move the < 2x
move the >
congratulation ! move on to stage 5-2