Enter these numbers on the timer bomb for 9th stage of chapter 4: claustrophobia cheat answer : 75945745 the count down will stop and you can skip, or read the explanation below

Doors and Rooms Level 4-9 Walkthrough
N = north and the hint is on the picture on the skeleton hand
the other help is on the words A New Sense of Lady

doors & rooms stage 4-9 solution :
there are 4 pictures that you can click
and the picture is the same lady, only with different jewels on the necklace
North picture = 7 jewels
East picture = 5 jewels
South picture = 4 jewels
West picture = 9 jewels

get the paper from the skeleton
observe and you’ll find a words
use the NEW SENSE as the numbers from North, East, West, and South
NEWSENSE = 75945745
move on to stage 4-10