To pass the 8th stage of chapter 4: claustrophobia put these numbers on keyboard : 9273 step by step how we get the cheat answer is explained below

Doors and Rooms Level 4-8 Walkthrough
the electricity is on so don’t touch the water or you’ll die and restart
look for a way to turn off the electricity then find the codes and use it on calendar as your help guide

doors & rooms stage 4-8 solution :
pick up the pen on table and open the table drawer for screwdriver tip
dismantle the pen, and combine the pen top with screwdriver tip as the holder
use it to unscrew the panel on the right
turn off the power, now you can pick up the key
use the key to open the storage and get tape and note

use the tape to seal the wires on the water so the electricity is off the water
now turn on the power on from the panel

observe the note : it’s a password
the red circle means 15
and R U L D = right up left down
use the 15 as the start where to move, you’ll have 3 numbers from calendars

R R U L = 9
D L L D = 27
U U R R = 3
click the keyboard panel near the door and enter 9273 to open
move on to stage 4-9