For chapter 4: claustrophobia 7th stage cheat answer is 1035, use it after you turn on the key panel. How we came up with this numbers ?

Doors and Rooms Level 4-7 Walkthrough
find 4 pieces of skeleton clock, put it on the table
read the ‘skeleton clock’ on the door = the answer
read the help guide below

doors & rooms stage 4-7 solution :
get the shovel on top left and dig up the 4 graves
pick up the plus (+) sign from each skeleton
and put it on the table with the red O as the guide where to place
now read the skeleton pose wit this clock
left skeleton is making 12:20
right skeleton is making 1:45
with the hint on the door 12:20 – 1:45 = 10:35
input the number and the door will open
move on to stage 4-8