Find 6 digit numbers and use it on the abacus to pass 5th stage of chapter 4: claustrophobia.

Doors and Rooms Level 4-5 Walkthrough
reveal the numbers using the ‘bear parts’ and candle
if you understand how to make numbers with abacus then you have the answer easy to solve
if not.. just see the help cheat below

doors & rooms stage 4-5 solution :
pick up the bottle, wrench, matches and bear
light up the candle with matches
dismantle the bear to get some parts, then dismantle the body and hand to get green gem and cotton ball
combine bottle with cotton ball

use the wrench to break the pipeand get it
a gas will leaked, use the cotton ball to seal the pipe
put on the pipe on candle, then put the green gem above it
look at the ceiling for numbers : 38946
answer for the abacus :
move on to stage 4-6